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Up/Lifted Podcast

ABOUT THIS PODCAST: Why do we love the things we love? We all have intense dedication deemed sacred in our work or play that we (discreetly or otherwise) wish to exhibit. Personal histories. Pivotal moments. Brutally honest stories. And sometimes lifting massive amounts of weight. Join Up/lifted for a casual conversation on the funny, kooky, emotional, and meaningful things that matter in our lives. A podcast built to connect with people's personal history and how its shaped current ideas, projects, and lifestyle. A new guest and story each week with host Arin Gragossian. 

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Jun 8, 2017

EPISODE 05: This week, meet Colin Smith: He's a former US Navy vet and went to University of Georgia and Vanderbilt. He also has a killer business running Terminus Agency (@Terminusagency). He knows digital marketing, SEO, web development, among other things. We had a nice geek-out session talking old school websites, current website trends, social media and attention span, why I still don't have Facebook, and hopping on trains in Georgia.

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